Incidents Shinsengumi concerned

The end of the Tokugawa shogunate (the end of the Edo period [Tokugawa shogunate], there are some forces struggle for power.

America (requesting opening countries)

・Japanese supreme authority:Emperor and courtroom

The shogunate which has actual political power and military force

Shinsengumi and The Aizu clan both in the position to protect the shogunate(=Sabaku-ha)

Satuma clan and Choshu clan (Both clans wanted to defeat the shogunate and thought Japan should be opened)

In this period of Japan, many of these powers did battle hard and a lot of incidents occurred to from a new Japan.

Below, I will pick up important incidents in chronological order.
We open a separate page and add a some what detailed explanation involving Shinsengumi.

How did the members get involved in these incidents and what was the end of it? Let's learn together.

AgeCase nameDescripition
1853A black ship arrivedThe united states navy commodore Perry arrived at Uraga in Japan and requested Japan to opening the country.
1854Convention of KanagawaJapan entered into a one-sided treaty with America under pressure put by Perry who came again.
1858Treaty of Amity and Commerce More unfair 14 treaties Japan(Ii Naosuke) accepted.
1858Ansei PurgeThe incident that the Edo shogunate(chief minister : Ii Naosuke) suppressed Sonnojoi ha severely. It is said that more than 100 people were punished.
1860Incident outside the Sakurada GateA samurais who were angry at Ansei Purge assassinated Ii Naosuke.
1862Incident outside the Sakashita gateAndo Nobumasa who pursued Kobugattai was criticized by Sonnojoi ha and was made attacked at outside of Sakashitamon in Edo castle, and then falled from power.
1863Coup of August 18Satsuma Han Kobu gattai ha and Aizu Han join forces and kicked Sonnojoi ha from Kyoto.→The detailed explanation
1864Ikedaya IncidentSonnojoi ha had a plan to defeat shogunate. Shinsengumi knew the plan in advance … detailed
1864Kinmon incidentThe incident that Choshu-han invaded Kyoto.→The detailed explanation
1867Restoration of the Imperial rule15th general Tokugawa Yoshinobu, once returned to the courtroom. However, this was because he tried to deflect the attacks of the bribry faction and to create anew goverment including the Tokugawa in courtroom.
1867Abura incident After Restoration of the Imperial rule, Ito Kashitaro tried to assassinate Kondo and take Shinsengumi over,but ...The detailed explanation
1867Tenmaya incidentShinsengumi convoyed Miura Kyutaro suspected as a criminal of assassination of Sakamoto Ryouma.The detailed explanation
1867A decree of the restoration Satsuma-han and Cyoshu-han cooperate with the Imperial court and planned to overthrow of the shogunate. It was succeeded, then declare the establishment of the New government.
1868Battle of Toba–FushimiThis is the start of Boshin War. The new goverment did not add Tokugawa to the adminstration. The former Shogunate got angry with it...The detailed explanation
1868Battle of Koshu-KatsunumaAfter Battle of Toba-Fushimi, Isami Kondo is ordered to stop the new goverment forces in Kofu.Shinsengumi changes a name with Kouyo-Chinbutai and goes to Kofu...The detailed explanation
1868 bloodless surrender of Edo CastleKatsu Kaisyu who is a representative of old govermental forces negotiated with Saigo Takamori(new governmental forces) to avoid a full-scale battle. At the negotiation, Katsu Kaisyu said "A rebellion makes the state dangerous." Then the War was avoided somehow.
1868Isami Kondo execution After Kosyu-Katsunuma War Kondo was planning to comeback, but he was found by the new govermental force which had come to scout, and he was executed on April 25.
1869Battle of HakodateIn 1867, Hijikata landed in Ezoti with the surviving members. he was shooted an abdomen with a gun and fell from his horse on May 11, 1869, and he has died.