There was a country called Japan in a certain place.

Japan did not make friends with foreign countries
→Sakoku(national isolation)

however,Mr.perry who rode a black ship came and forced to open the country.
kurofuneraikou(A black ship arrived)

Weak Japan has accepted Perry's request
Convention of Kanagawa
Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and America

Almost all japanese panicked.

The dissatisfaction of the samurai exploded in the Tokugawa bakuhu who had summarized such Japan.

"I can not leave Japan in Tokugawabakuhu's hand. Let's make our own country"
Samurais went to see emperor who was the most powerful man in Japan and lived in kyoto.

They tried to make a new country with the Emperor and to eliminate the exchange with foreign countries. So samurais ranpaged in Kyoto.

In order to stop such samurai, the shogunate gathered the samurais who were good swordsmans. And the bakufu made them stand watch.

This will be later Shinsengumi

however,not only sonnoujyoui faction

There was also the idea "The emperor, the courtroom and the shogunate, should cooperate and do politics"

As various factions were born,shinsengumi was involved in many incidents.

however, due to the death of isami kondou the director,the shinsengumi declined.

incidents that Shinsengumi involved in➡incidents
Kondo, Hijikata, Okita,...character